In our presentation, the least part will actually be dedicated to us. We want to devote this story to you, because you are its most important part. But let’s start from the beginning.

The idea of “KOTEX” was created with the desire to make the best use of the potential of domestic textile production and offer you quality wardrobe for babies, children and adults at very reasonable prices. We gathered over ten selected domestic brands that could offer us pieces made of quality fabrics, which at the same time feature modern design and attention to details. The first boutique “KOTEX” was opened in 2003 in King Alexander’s Boulevard. We did not want to train our employees just how to sell, but how to help you make a choice that you will be satisfied with.

The quality that you recognized and the trust you gave us helped us grow. Therefore, we want to say THANK YOU! Thank you for giving us a chance to prove ourselves. Thank you for purchasing domestic products. Thank you for choosing “KOTEX” despite the diversity of brands.

We do not want the story to end here. We want to hear your comments, wishes and suggestions because they help us create an appropriate offer. So write, call us, visit us. We’re here for you.


Telephone: 011/630-10-44
Web site:
Facebook: ButikKotex

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