When Lilly drugstores were founded in 2003, we only wanted one: to make available the best quality cosmetics, body care products, baby care and food, baby program, auxiliary remedies, perfumes and cleaning supplies to all our citizens and neighbors. 
And we devoted ourselves to the wish to be realized.
Since 2006, within Lilly drugstores Lilly pharmacies became available to our consumers where professional pharmacists, besides advice and impeccable services, can also offer a wide selection of medicines at the best prices.
Soon, it became clear that such a wish was not only ours: up to 2017, 170 Lilly drugstores were opened across Serbia, out of which 165 pharmacies which is a proof that our neighbors recognized in our offer what they were looking for. Their satisfaction is also the best recommendation that one can get. If along with these recommendations you succeed to meet customers’ wishes offering frequent discounts and good service – it’s clear why Lilly drugstores are today’s most popular drug chain in Serbia, which daily serves 50,000 customers.

We have always been able to fulfill even one wish more.
In order to offer more to the market we have launched our own production of natural-based products which is characterized by excellent quality and reasonable price. In cooperation with top dermatologists and pharmacologists, we developed a wide range of VELNEA products and VEOMA ZDRAVA KREMA.

Today, Lilly drugstores employ about 2,000 people and work according to ISO quality standards.
All of the above mentioned made us step up – and start a successful business in neighboring Bulgaria where much better results than expected when entering the foreign market are recorded.


Telephone: 011/65-55-046
Web site: lilly.rs

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