MEDIA PLUS shops offer the largest selection of daily, weekly, monthly and two-month press, tobacco and tobacco products, a wide range of books and CD & DVD music and movies. Assortment of confectionery – chocolate, chewing gum, sweets, salty assortment, ice cream and drinks – juices and water. In MEDIA PLUS shops you can find a wide range of the most attractive daily necessities – cosmetics, lighters, maps, guides, gifts, coffee and more. Lottery, phone cards and mobile pre-paid are also available in our offer.

As the leading distributor of printed media, we cooperate with all publishing houses in Serbia and in our retails we offer the widest range of daily and periodical presses.

In our offer there are 500 foreign editions. Newspapers, foreign journals and books from all fields: politics, economics, finance, science, IT technologies, Hi-Fi and audio technologies, architecture, interior design, fashion, culture and art, sports, etc.

We especially highlight the collections and that we distribute:
Lip Smacker – the world’s most famous taste balsam! Disney Princess, Disney Minnie, Coca Cola, Disney Frozen, Cupcake, Chupa Chups and Lip Smacker sets.

LolliPen are quality pens of unique and attractive design. These colorful pens of different colors are popular around the world.
Over 30 FunkyFish glasses of different designs are available in MEDIA PLUS shops.

MEDIA PLUS shops are located throughout Serbia, with a wide selection of prints, cigarettes, confectionery, drinks and other favorite products of our customers.


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