The main activity of the company “KABL-METAL” is the production of children’s shoes, slippers and ballet shoes from size 17 to 40. The company successfully works and cooperates with over 200 clients and more than 2000 items for 24 years.

Also, the company is engaged in importing men’s, women’s and children’s shoes from Turkey. We cooperate with several factories in Turkey, which under our brand and name produce children’s and women’s shoes. Children’s footwear brand is produced under name MIHAJLO women’s under name MAJA.
In addition to production we also work on the distribution of footwear from several factories in Turkey: LAGUNA, RAMPEX, TILKS, AKINAL BELLA … etc.

Within the company, there are 6 stores, and as the company grows each year, it is planned to increase the number of retails in the following period.


Telephone: 011/770-32-72
Web site: Mihajlo-Fashion-Kids

Category: Shoes