NATIVO ™ is the general representative of the Swiss brand NATIVO ™.
In our salon you have designer sets, club tables, design and boxspring beds and night stands, wardrobes, children’s rooms, dining rooms, dining and bar tables, chairs, office furniture, as well as a wide selection of decorative items for the interior: mirrors, lamps, chandeliers, paintings, candlesticks …

NATIVO ™ designer furniture is adapted to the modern way of life, converting your space into an urban and modern ambiance. Functional accessories and innovative design stand out NATIVO ™ design from other manufacturers. LED lighting on designer sets and beds is our protection sign. Adjust the color and intensity of lighting according to your wishes.

NATIVO ™ furniture is manufactured in the EU and is available in true Italian leather, material and eco leather. Luxury has never been more accessible!

The latest part of our assortment are dining tables made of solid wood. A large selection of dimensions, stand colors and plates make this collection suitable for every home.
Order designer furniture online or at NATIVO ™ sales shop in Belgrade.


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