Parma cafe – a place for recognizable gastronomic pleasure, a mixture of Mediterranean flavors and delicious Serbian cuisine.

If you yearn for something delicious, you’re in the right place. Parma Cafe brings you the magic of taste which you will love. For all the gourmets and fans of our domestic fast food, for a short break during the day, relaxing with a cup of good coffee, refreshments after shopping, a business meeting or a break after a working day, for all there is a place in Parma cafe.

In a comfortable ambience, with good service and friendly personnel, you will have a feeling that you are somewhere in Italy. The indoor space is air conditioned with free Wi Fi. You can organize business meetings, birthdays, celebrations, important events.

When you do not have much time – spend it well.

For all your senses and the unforgettable experience, which you will want to repeat … Your Parma café


Telephone: 011/424-09-09
Facebook: parmacafebg

Category: Food & Beverage