Planika has a very long footwear history and many people remember Planika for the highest quality footwear in the former SFRY.

Today Planika is an independent company in Serbia with a diversified retail network that deals with the import and sale of footwear of high quality and affordable prices.

Planika’s retail network offers a number of well-known brands: Planika Trekking, Ciciban, Ara, IMAC, Exton, Nicola Benson, Fly Flot, Graziano Salvatelli, The Next, as well as many others.
The Planika`s assortment offers footwear for the whole family and all occasions.

In a pleasant environment, shopping is even better with the discounts that can be made with bonus cards of Planika and Ciciban club.


Telephone: 011/770-38-58
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