The diversity of our customer’s everyday life is as diverse as the fashion company Takko. For more than 30 years, as an international fashion company, we have equipped ladies in trend with appropriate authors for different everyday situations – in almost 1,900 branches in 16 countries! Of course, your loved ones will not miss anything: an outstanding selection of collections for babies, children, teenagers and men rounds up the Takko brand portfolio.

In order to give the new look and the final seal, Takko offers a large selection of accessories and bags which perfectly complement the current fashion themes. Takko has something to offer: from comfortable and functional underwear to refine sets.

For women’s curves, Takko invented the fashion line Maxi Blue. Clothes in size 42 to 54 are tailored specifically for the needs of a more corpulent ladies. Lightweight materials and patterns that emphasize the figure, knowingly fetch women’s attributes and care for the lady at all times feeling well.

Basic pieces are the center of every cabinet with clothes. Therefore, they are an integral part of Takko range and are available at any moment in wide range of colors. And of course not only for the ladies, but for the whole family.

In the assortment, he is also present – everything she loves to see on him: classic shirts and sweaters, casual shirts, shorts, canvas pants and jeans in different shades. And no kids in the shopping tours will leave with empty hands. The hairdresser’s children’s range has baby clothes (56 to 92), children (98 to 128) and teenagers (134-176), which is most suitable for playing, cheering and crazy pursuits.


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