“Uradi Sam” is a retail chain that offers products for interior and exterior design and adaption, with over 170 employees, 9 large sales centers in Serbia and nearly 30,000 different items. Customer care, a good relationship with partners, and good interpersonal relationships in the company are our top priorities.

Since January 2014, internet shops started. Today with over 10,000 active items available, it gives the undisputed offer that is leading in this field of trade, considering specific assortment.

In “Uradi Sam“a wide range of products is available. We offer a large number of manual and electrical tools, wall and floor coverings, paints and varnishes, lighting products, sanitary appliances, household products, home and garden furniture, tools for automobiles…


Telephone: 011/424-09-17
Web site: uradi-sam.rs

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