Madame Coco

Kao vodeći brend tekstila i kućne dekoracije, Madame Coco je osnovana 2011. godine. Poslujući u 18 različitih zemalja sa 370 prodavnica, brend je dostigao 100 hiljada kvadratnih metara prodajnog prostora i aktivno radi prodaju I kroz svoju e-trgovinu.


The biggest Jumbo in Serbia! A wide range of toys, for all ages and for every taste.


Company Tehnomedia centar d.o.o. was founded in 2001, as a small store of white goods, audio and video equipment, and has been operating under its current name since 2006.

Dexy Co Kids

Dexy Co Kids is a retail chain of the Dexy Co company and is a synonym for a rich choice of well-renowned worldwide brands.

LOL playroom

Nova jedinstvena igraonica – rođendaonica.


Men's and women's shirts, as well as for making men's polo shirts, body t-shirts, pants, jackets, pajamas, ties, sweaters...


The diversity of our customer’s everyday life is as diverse as the fashion company Takko.


Maxi continues the long tradition of a favorite local supermarket. Focusing on a friendly and fast service, a wide assortment and affordable prices.

Uradi sam

“Uradi Sam” is a retail chain that offers products for interior and exterior design and adaption.


JYSK is an international retail chain that sells everything for the house.

Lilly Drogerie

The best quality cosmetics, body care products, baby care and food, baby program, auxiliary remedies, perfumes and cleaning supplies.

Đak Sport

Wide range of the most popular sports brands of footwear, clothing and equipment for football, running, basketball, handball, volleyball, tennis...

Metro obuća

Footwear that would capture the hearts of the shoe lovers.


Wide range of products for modern men and women: tracksuit, sweat shirts, T-shirts, shirts, jumper, and jackets.

Extreme Intimo

We believe that what goes directly to our skin has to be fine and soft, so we try to use only natural materials.

N Sport

N Sport is one of the leading distributors of famous sport and fashion brands with more than 90 retail stores in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Within our offering you will find a wide selection of 1st class floor coverings, including carpets, wall-to-wall carpets, PVC floors and linoleum, artificial grass, laminate and three-layer parquet.

Tref Sport

Sale of sports equipment of renowned brands at the best prices in Serbia. General distributor of Asics sneakers and equipment for Serbia and the region


Planika’s offers a number of well-known brands: Planika Trekking, Ciciban, Ara, IMAC, Exton, Nicola Benson, Fly Flot, Graziano Salvatelli, The Next, as well as many others.

Top Shop

We like to think that our brands have improved the lives of people on various vital aspects – sleep, nutrition, health, fitness.

Pet centar

Pet Center is a specialized retailer of food and equipment for all pets, present in Serbia since 2008.

Parma Cafe

Parma cafe – a place for recognizable gastronomic pleasure, a mixture of Mediterranean flavors and delicious Serbian cuisine.

Mihajlo Kids

The company is engaged in importing men's, women's and children's shoes from Turkey.Children's footwear brand is produced by MIHAJLO and a woman by MAJA.


The idea of "KOTEX" was created with the desire to make the best use of the potential of domestic textile production and offer you quality wardrobe for babies, children and adults at very reasonable prices.


BOMAR is the largest specialized retail chain and one of the leading companies in Serbia in the field of sales of watches, jewellery and optics.


Donna Group doo is specialized in the sale of women's socks, underwear and bathing suits of world renowned brands.

Galaxy Code

Galaxy Code is a company which operates successfully for 4 years, with 22 retail stores in 13 cities all over Serbia. The head office is located in Belgrade.

Exclusive Change

EXC Exclusive Change Group is a recognizable European financial company whose activity is providing financial services to individuals and legal entities.

Media Plus

INMEDIO / MEDIA PLUS shops offer the largest selection of daily, weekly, monthly and two-month press, tobacco and tobacco products, a wide range of books and CD & DVD music and movies.